How to register Printfil with the license codes

In this video, we see two ways to register Printfil with the license codes: with the PFL file or by manually entering the data.

1st method - With the PFL file:

  • Open the email with the license keys
  • Download the PFL file in the desktop
  • Drag & drop the PFL over Printfil
  • Start Printfil
  • The license is in the Registration dialog

2nd method - By manually entering the data:

  • Click on Add a new license
  • Copy & paste data from the email, to avoid misspellings

If you chose to Associate the PFL extension with Printfil at installation time, then you just have to click (run) the PFL file to install the license, without having to drag & drop the PFL over the Printfil icon like in the 1st method above.

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